I Am Ready to Get Into the Arena and Coach

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After coaching informally for years, I have decided to pursue my passion and start to coach. While working as a leader in marketing and product management in technology organizations, I spent much of my time in organizations mentoring, leading and informally coaching.  After a series of ‘life events’, I decided to follow my passion of being a coach to leaders and individuals in technology.

I am a math geek who also loves to understand how people work together and lead in order to create innovation.  My coaching focus are the people who I have known and worked with my whole life, the scientists, the engineers who are fabulous at what they do, and are promoted to be leaders.  They got A’s in school, joined the Math Club in high school, and spent summers learning how to program. In the workplace, they focused on building the best architecture and design, and innovating.  These brilliant technologists, were then promoted to be a Manager/Director/Vice President. The challenge is many times, these brilliant technologists may not have the interpersonal, communication, or leadership skills they need to inspire and lead a team.

This is where I come in.  My passion is coaching  technologists, engineers, and scientists with their interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills. 

My help individuals and leaders create environments that drive innovation and business performance.

What makes me unique is the depth and breadth of her experience in the technology industry along with my collaborative coaching style.  I fully understand the challenges leaders and managers face in the technology industry and am able to effectively coach leaders in creating environments that drive innovation and growth.


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