Bringing Humanity Back to Work

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For most of my career, I have been on a somewhat spiritual search.  I was looking for an organization that harnessed the wisdom of the employee and where everyone was valued, respected, and treated as a whole person.  I knew in my core that if you felt valued and respected, you would do fabulous work.  This search has taken me over 20 years.

As someone with a fairly high EQ, I saw the frustration that occurred on people’s faces when they did not feel valued.  When their ideas were not recognized.  When they were told what to do without even being asked for their ideas.  I saw the motivation sucked out of an excited employee when their ideas were not even considered.    

I have finally found an organization that has the same core beliefs as I do…we need to treat employees with respect and value.  This organization, #Globoforce, calls it “Work Human”.  Work Human is about building organizational cultures where leaders unleash the power of the employee and creating an environment where people can reach their full potential.  It’s where people feel appreciated, connected, and empowered for who they are and what they do.  It’s only when people feel valued, respected, and trusted that innovation will occur.  My spiritual quest is over…I have found my tribe at Globoforce.

I attended the Globoforce annual sales meeting last week and I started to tear up after I heard the CEO, Eric Mosley, speak.  Some of the phrases he spoke hit me right in the heart.

  • Work Human is a movement.  It’s a movement about treating employees as human beings.  It’s only when people are treated as human beings that they will do their best work.
  • When we work human, people will go to the mattress and do what it takes.
  • Work human builds a culture of positivity.
  • When we bring humanity to the workplace, our core needs to feel respected and valued are met.
  • Everyone has their own truths and we need to recognize the individuality of people.
  • People bring their whole self to work and we need to honor all aspects of an employee.
  • Working human supports people at both their high points and their low points.
  • Character is destiny.

According to Eric, “an organization is only as impactful as the humans within in. Working human is paramount to working collectively with one another, whereby every employee’s insights and contributions become vital to a company as a whole on an ongoing basis, not just in incremental doses.”

I have found my tribe.