Reclaim your life

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To all of the women warriors out there…..those who want to live life on their terms, without apology, and without everything falling apart.  To those who have spent so many years working the 60 hour weeks, raising a family, doing what you were supposed to be doing. To those who are just exhausted at this point and yearn for something else.  To those who have the fire and passion inside of them but don’t know what to do.

You are a woman warrior.  You are real. You are vulnerable.  You are messy. You are imperfect. You are ready to embrace who you are and reclaim your life.

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A women warrior who has reclaimed her life:

  1. Defines what makes her happy and fulfilled.  This is not what others believe would make her happy.  But what she wants and needs. If she wants a particular project at work, she asks for it.
  2. Goes after these things, without worrying about what others think. If you are a lawyer and want to open a winery…go for it.  If you are a product manager who wants to be a coach…awesome.
  3. Embraces and owns who she is!  As my daughter tells me “you do you Mom”.  She owns her quirks, her passions, and her authentic voice.  
  4. Owns and embraces her imperfections.  She realizes that her imperfections make her who she is.
  5. Pushes the edges of her comfort zone.  She does not settle. She is always looking to grow and learn.
  6. Accepts that she deserves to the life she wants, on her terms.  She does what she needs to do to get there.
  7. She does not worry about fitting in. The concept of “fitting in” stifles happiness, innovation, and joy.  And it reminds us all of the horror of middle school.
  8. Her outward positivity energy lifts people up.  People are drawn to her because of her kindness, inner wisdom and strength.
  9. Embraces her story. Regardless of her story…it’s hers and has shaped her.  
  10. Knows what is important.  She understands her values and honors these values with each choice she makes.  This includes work choices and life choices.
  11. Loves every part of herself.  Her mind, body, and spirit.
  12. Knows that life is not perfect.  When bad stuff happens, she then gets up, dusts herself off, embraces her community of support and continues to move forward.

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