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Change is Easy; The Transition is Difficult

Over the last week, I have two colleagues that decided to make a major leap in their career to soar.  When I spoke to both of them, they expressed similar feelings.  Excitement, exhilaration, sadness for what they are leaving behind, and energy for the unknown in front of them.  As a coach, I have worked

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Is Failure Good or Bad? It Depends.

As my children head off to college, I know they will start to compare themselves to other students.  Who is smarter?  Who is going to succeed?  However, is a person’s intelligence a fixed quantity they’re born with? Or is it something malleable, something that can change throughout the lifespan?  Can a person change careers, even

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Teams can be Nasty!

A client of mine works as a product manager. She has two primary product leadership teams.  Let’s say team A and team B.  Each team is composed of a product manager, architect, and senior developer and herself.  The goal of each team is to determine high-level design, user flow, and architecture.  A concept called psychological

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