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Does A Leader Always Have a Fancy Title?

As part of my career journey, I have had so many people say to me…I want to be a VP or a CEO.  It’s important to remember that leaders are not just the ones with formal titles such as VP, EVP or CEO.  In fact, many leaders that have inspired me have not been formal

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That Was Not A Good Conversation!

Do you ever have an encounter with a co-worker or leader where you walk away just feeling horrible?  You are not sure why but you just don’t feel good after the conversation.  Why does this happen?  What makes you feel this way after a discussion with a co-worker?  There is a relatively simple model that,

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Is Failure Good or Bad? It Depends.

As my children head off to college, I know they will start to compare themselves to other students.  Who is smarter?  Who is going to succeed?  However, is a person’s intelligence a fixed quantity they’re born with? Or is it something malleable, something that can change throughout the lifespan?  Can a person change careers, even

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