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To Build Great Products….Build Trust with Your Stakeholders

In the world of product management and product marketing, much of the influence we have relies on trust.  Whether its trust with the development team that we are representing customer needs and future trends correctly, trust with sales that what we say the product can do it actually does, trust with customers that we truly

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Disagreement-The Road to Innovation

Disagreement as the Road to Innovation In the Ted Talk, Dare to Disagree, with Margaret Heffernan, the concept of collaboration, conflict and disagreement is discussed. How many of us have collaborated with our co-workers, who were similar to us in personalities and skills?  Collaboration with people who are similar to you will only get you so

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The Front Line Manager-Key to Organizational Change

There are two key roles to successful change in organizations: the role of the sponsor/change leader and the role of manager as change agent.  There are many other roles, but these are the most important based on my experience being part of change. The first critical role is the change leader.  When I look at

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