“I do not know” is a Leadership Quality

We all know people at work who are filled with so much ego that they take great pains to hide any hint of failure or weakness. No matter what happens, they always have the last word.  Their strategy is the belief that any hint of vulnerability would cause others to see them as weak. According … Continue reading “I do not know” is a Leadership Quality

Does A Leader Always Have a Fancy Title?

As part of my career journey, I have had so many people say to me...I want to be a VP or a CEO.  It’s important to remember that leaders are not just the ones with formal titles such as VP, EVP or CEO.  In fact, many leaders that have inspired me have not been formal … Continue reading Does A Leader Always Have a Fancy Title?

Build Team Collaboration-Make it Safe

Have you ever worked on a team where things just did not feel quite right?  Each time you spoke up, someone glared at you or dismissed what you said.  There is a concept called psychological safety which impacts team innovation.  I have blogged about it fairly frequently.  Today, I want to talk about practical ways … Continue reading Build Team Collaboration-Make it Safe

Think Big, Start Small, Go Fast…and Embrace Mistakes as Learning

We have all been there.  We work on a project for years, roll it out, and there are significant problems.  In fact, I was once on a project where we had to go ‘dark’ for six months and pull the product from the market.  This week, we heard about Samsung pulling their mobile phone from … Continue reading Think Big, Start Small, Go Fast…and Embrace Mistakes as Learning

The Infamous Persona!

As I have navigated the world of product management and product marketing, it’s become very clear to me that if you do not understand your customer personas, you might as well pack up and go home.  Historically, product management was concerned with the user personas, and product marketing was concerned with the buyer personas.  However, … Continue reading The Infamous Persona!

Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down

As I think about helping others learn to stand in their power, I think back to my favorite leader, Jim Mitchell.  It was 2002 or so.  I was a new product manager who was a bit clueless. I was not confident in myself or my ideas and was easily swayed by people who had control, … Continue reading Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down

Teams can be Nasty!

A client of mine works as a product manager. She has two primary product leadership teams.  Let’s say team A and team B.  Each team is composed of a product manager, architect, and senior developer and herself.  The goal of each team is to determine high-level design, user flow, and architecture.  A concept called psychological … Continue reading Teams can be Nasty!