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Tech Teams-Build Rapport to Innovate

How can Technologists/Product Managers Collaborate more Effectively? It seems so simple  yet it can be so difficult.  How do you collaborate with engineers, architects, product managers, and UX designers?  Many times each person has a different background, is fairly senior in their knowledge of their specific area, and can become a bit uncomfortable discussing things

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Are you a Leader, Manager, or a Coach to your Employees?

Leaders Need to become Coaches As we look at the role of a coach…one to support growth, learning, ask insightful questions, ultimately to help bring out the best of us….doesn’t this also apply to leaders in our organization?  Organizations grow by moving to a culture that embraces learning, creativity, and innovation, and engages employees. A

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Product Managers…Get out of the Office!

To Build Innovative Products….Get Out of the Office As product managers we spend countless hours looking at market trends, competition, technology, and customer requests.  However, will this help build innovative products?  I contend that this process enables you to build a product that satisfies basic market needs. But this process will not generate breakthrough product

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