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Let Images Tell the Story

A picture is worth a thousand words. All corporate communication needs to evoke emotion, tell a story, and convey information. As a product manager, I have encountered a few good visual displays of information and many poor visual displays. The images that seem to resonate with audiences are those which: Are accompanied by a story

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Culture Change from the Ground Up

How do you implement culture change? When you hear a leader say…..we are changing the culture from X to Y…does this work? Does this transform organizations? How about taking a different approach to change management? I reviewed an article by McKinsey which brought up excellent ideas for change management. (http://www.mckinsey.com/insights/organization/build_a_change_platform_not_a_change_program) First, it’s about empowerment. Encourage

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Turn a Product Idea into a Movement. Lessons from the lone dancer.

As I watched this video last night at Northwestern’s MSLOC program, I thought about the implications for leadership and for building innovative products here at Kronos. As you look at the first few second of the video, you may think…who is that crazy guy dancing. But look what happens next. He has a first follower.

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