The Infamous Persona!

As I have navigated the world of product management and product marketing, it’s become very clear to me that if you do not understand your customer personas, you might as well pack up and go home.  Historically, product management was concerned with the user personas, and product marketing was concerned with the buyer personas.  However, … Continue reading The Infamous Persona!

Small Talk and Innovation

As an introvert, there is nothing worse than small talk with strangers.  In my 20’s,  I would consider myself a corner dweller at parties where I did not know anyone.  I would find the one person I knew, and we would somehow make our way to the corner where we did not have to interact … Continue reading Small Talk and Innovation

Culture Change via a Social Network?

In today’s competitive environment, organizations need to be innovative, efficient, retain great talent and continuously change and evolve.  One key to success for an organization is understanding how to effectively go through the change management process.  How can an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) help facilitate organizational change?  Here are some best practices around change management … Continue reading Culture Change via a Social Network?

Tech Teams-Build Rapport to Innovate

How can Technologists/Product Managers Collaborate more Effectively? It seems so simple  yet it can be so difficult.  How do you collaborate with engineers, architects, product managers, and UX designers?  Many times each person has a different background, is fairly senior in their knowledge of their specific area, and can become a bit uncomfortable discussing things … Continue reading Tech Teams-Build Rapport to Innovate

With Innovation, Mindset Matters

Many of us discuss innovation, collaboration, change management,   and culture. Ultimately, how do you create an organizational culture that is innovative? It starts with the mindset of the leaders and then permeates throughout the organization. Everyone needs to understand that to innovate, expect the unexpected. This means that when the unexpected happens, people are ready … Continue reading With Innovation, Mindset Matters

Culture Change from the Ground Up

How do you implement culture change? When you hear a leader say…..we are changing the culture from X to Y…does this work? Does this transform organizations? How about taking a different approach to change management? I reviewed an article by McKinsey which brought up excellent ideas for change management. ( First, it’s about empowerment. Encourage … Continue reading Culture Change from the Ground Up

Turn a Product Idea into a Movement. Lessons from the lone dancer.

As I watched this video last night at Northwestern's MSLOC program, I thought about the implications for leadership and for building innovative products here at Kronos. As you look at the first few second of the video, you may think...who is that crazy guy dancing. But look what happens next. He has a first follower. … Continue reading Turn a Product Idea into a Movement. Lessons from the lone dancer.