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Got Purpose? Employee Engagement and Its Link to Culture

How do you create engaged employees in an organizational environment where change is constant, competition is high, and finding the right talent is challenging?  As companies focus on profitability, where does employee engagement fit in?  What are some common threads in highly successful organizations with empowered employees? Tie your culture to your business strategy.  Consider

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The Rope Team of a Product Manager

While listening to a motivational speech by Erik Weihenmayer …..A key question he asked the audience resonated with me. “Who is your rope team?” Who is your team with whom you can walk into a storm, have complete trust, and together, have the courage to face adversity? With a rope team, everyone has a different

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Turn a Product Idea into a Movement. Lessons from the lone dancer.

As I watched this video last night at Northwestern’s MSLOC program, I thought about the implications for leadership and for building innovative products here at Kronos. As you look at the first few second of the video, you may think…who is that crazy guy dancing. But look what happens next. He has a first follower.

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